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1000 Universal Studios Plaza / Studio 22A / Set 200 / Orlando Florida

Missing Child

  • Tageanna Griffith
    Niagra Falls, NY
    DOB 2004-08-12
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Adji Desir
    Immokalee, FL
    DOB 2002-10-15
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Andrea Reyes
    New Haven, CT
    DOB 1997-11-09
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Nicole Cohen
    Windermere, FL
    DOB 2005-01-27
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Tiannah Annibal
    Longmont, CO
    DOB 2005-06-08
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Brett Wurm
    Tiffin, OH
    DOB 1998-08-20
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Patrick Alford
    Brooklynn, NY
    DOB 2002-11-28
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Joshua Davis
    New Braunfels, TX
    DOB 2009-08-16
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Zakieria Grandberry
    Tampa, FL
    DOB 1998-08-09
    Call 800-843-5678
  • Gabriel Johnson
    Tempe, AZ
    DOB 2009-05-03
    Call 800-843-5678

Live Track / 2013 Fireball Run

Last Updated September 2, 2014

Welcome to FIREBALL RUN Mission Control, Presented by Florida's Space Coast Tourism. Beginning September 20, 2013 locate your favorite teams via GPS Tracking provided by TSOMobile. Here you can also watch scores as they update in real time. Can't e in one of our great destination? We've got ya covered. Our live streaming is brought to you by the Colorado Center for Broadcasting & LiveStream.

(2013) FIREBALL RUN All stars & Movie Cars, September 20th - 28th: The show begins with a weekend kick-off in Longmont, CO. (Sept 20-22), then adventuring to Alamosa, CO. (Sept 22), Bloomfield, NM. (Sept 23), Page, AZ. (Sept 24), Gallup, NM. (Sept 25), Mesa, AZ. (Sept 26), El Centro, CA. (Sept 27), and finally end to a city-wide parade finish in Riverside, CA (Sept 28).

Currently Leading: CPSinc


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