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Welcome Tourism, Chamber, City or State Agencies. Here you can learn more about the Fireball Run series, or submit to be one of 8 destinations featured in season 12 'Fireball Run: Goes West'.

Filming: September 21-29, 2018
Release: Summer, 2019
Network: Amazon
Genre: Factual Entertainment
Category: Adventure-Travel
Episodes: 26, 22-minutes each

Synopsis: Fireball Run® is an adventure-television series distributed by Amazon Networks. Adventuring drivers compete in a legendary journey across America in search of rare historic artifacts, under-discovered places, and extraordinary experiences. All for bragging rights, a greater cause, and a plastic road sign.

• This is the story of America as told through your history, attractions, and people.

• Fireball Run is a real life trivia pursuit competition taking place in real time over eight days, through eight destinations, coursing 2,000 miles across America.

• Contestants are business owners, key corporate executives, elected leaders, and celebrities.

• Fireball Run excites, educates, and inspires audiences to hit the open road and explore America.

Cashless Recruitment

• The series is non-cash bid. Requirements are hosting based.
• Populations ranging from 3000 to 1 million may apply.
• Request the RFP using the form below.
• Regional agencies and counties may combine to recruit the series.


• Your story told through attractions and points of interest.
• Cost free $500k - $1 million dollar production value.
• You deliver the content, we deliver an entire crew.
• 22-40 minutes of powerful on screen visibility.
• Domestic and international exposure.
• Increase tourism awareness.
• Increase on-line traffic.
• You get to use your episode(s) self-promotion.

Selection Criteria

• Locations with at least (3), 2.5 star or higher rated hotels.
• Cities and towns with rich history, museums, and interesting places.
• Under-discovered travel places.
• Economically vibrant and high quality of life communities.
• Destinations with a revitalized downtown or centralized area.
• Communities full of passion, pride, and hometown excitement.

Submission Requirements

1. Submit your top ten places, museums, or points of interest.
Include a 'single line' description + web link (if available).

2. Submit five photos of your downtown or centralized district.

3. A brief paragraph as to why your destination should be featured.

4. Submit our 'Letter of Intent' (to your left), signed by your CVB, Tourism, Chamber, or City Executive Director or President.

Required Information