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          Season 12, Fireball Run: Expedition West!

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Live Production: September 21-29, 2018
Release: Summer 2019
Distributor: Amazon
Production Company: Adrenaline Partnership
Genre: Factual Entertainment
Category: Adventure-Travel
Episodes: 26 (22 minutes each)

Objective: Educate and inspire roadtripping America.

Synopsis: Fireball Run®, an adventure-travel series, is the real story of 40 driving teams in a legendary competition across America in search of obscure historic artifacts, under-discovered places, and extraordinary experiences.

Cashless Recruitment

• Non-cash bid.
• Requirements are based upon host.
• Any size destination may apply.


Production Value: The $7,500 per minute cost to conceptualize, create, script, film, and produce 22-66 minutes about your destination is not your liability.

Publicity Value: Your season, available to Amazon’s domestic and international audiences, with playability on any streaming device, any day at any hour.

Advertising Value: Fully educate, entertain, and immerse viewers with the destination’s story. You can’t do that with commercials, print, or online advertising.

Exposure: An opportunity to educate, inform, and attract visitors.

Influencers: Contestants are exclusively leaders, corporate executives, investors, legislators, and even a few celebrities, all experiencing your destination on camera.

Self-Promotion: After the season premiere, you will receive episodes that feature your destination digitally for your own social distribution, website inclusion, and self-promotion efforts.

Selection Criteria

• At least three 2.5+ star hotels.
• Unique attractions and points of interest.
• Interesting area or town history.
• Picturesque or revitalized downtown.
• High-vitality communities.
• Passionate elected leaders.
• Positive economic growth.

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