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Welcome Tourism, Chamber or State Agencies... you're either applying to be one of 8 destination/regions for Season 11; film dates spanning September 22-30, 2017 or for a future season of the Fireball Run series.

Fireball Run is the story of 40 adventurally teams as they compete in a legendary 2,000-mile, life-sized trivia game. To win, they take the road less traveled in an epic quest for America’s under-discovered places and obscure historic artifacts. All while aiding in an awareness campaign called The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children. Every episode educates viewers about destinations, places and points of interest to inspire travel. Fireball Run is filmed in real-time, i.e as it happens, with the entire 26 episode season filmed in just 8 days.

• Recruiting the series is non-cash bid. RFP requirements are hosting based.
• Destinations with populations ranging from 3000 (like Page, AZ from Season 8) to 1 million (like Hartford, CT from Season 9) are welcome to apply.
• If you do not already have an RFP, you may request it using this form.
• A regional effort. Regional agencies and counties can combine resources to recruit the series to include multiple communities.

• We tell your destinations story through its points of interest.
• You are featured throughout one to three, 22 minute episodes.
• Effective and often cost-free domestic and international exposure.
• Increased tourism & tourism awareness.
• Increased on-line traffic.
• Domestically, Fireball Run is an Amazon Prime series.
• Internationally, it is televised: India, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia.
• You get the episode! When the season is released, you may post and use
your episode(s) for promotion without restriction.

Selection Criteria:
• Locations with at least (3), 2.5 star or better rated hotels or resorts.
• Places with a unique story, rich history, museums, or interesting locations.
• Under-discovered travel places which may appeal to travelers.
• Economically progressive, vibrant, high quality of life communities.
• Scenic locations with a picturesque downtown or centralized district.
• Motivated communities full of passion, pride, and hometown excitement.
• Team effort cooperation between Economic Development, Chamber, Tourism, County, & Mayor.

Submission Requirements:

1. Bullet list of top ten unique, places, museums, or points of interest.
Include a single line description + web link (if available).

2. Up to five photos of your scenic downtown or centralized district.

3. A brief paragraph as to why your destination should be featured.

4. Download the Letter of Intent (to your left), fill it out and send it with the list in a single email to

We want to know what makes distinguishes you from neighboring places. Be different be excited. This series is less about Fireball Run than it is the story of unique places, hidden artifacts, and the characters they meet along the way. Fireball Run is the story of America.

Required Information