EO Enhanced Experience

Fireball Run® The 'EO' Experience is a 5-day, 4-night, private 'driventure' with exclusive immersive, historic, cultural, and culinary experiences enhanced with competitive game elements from the Amazon TV series Fireball Run

Forget touring and start doing. Venturing with Fireball Run means unprecedented access, personal treatment, historic opportunities, unprecidented access, and unbelievably rare experiences. 

Vacations are for tourists. Tours are lame. Extreme adventures aren't truely exclusive. What differentiates Fireball Run isn't where you go- it's what you're allowed to do when you get there. 

Fireball Run: 'EO' Experience takes place entirely in New Mexico. Participation is exclusive and limited to just 50 persons or 25 vehicles. Get exotic, go in style or drive in comfort... any personal or rented vehicle is acceptible in this epic adventure.  

As commissioning agent for this private adventure, you get to choose from a list of rare and extraordinary experiences to include in your experience. 

Experience Categories: Hold Rare Artifacts, Gain Private Access, Field Expert Excursions, Cusine Experiences, Meet Legendary People, Cultural Experiences, Tour Private Collections, Racing Experiences, Private Shopping, Personal Tours.

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