Fireball Run's EO Experience

Fireball Run's® "EO Fort Worth Experience" is a 1-day, 2-evening private 'driventure' filled with immersive, historic, cultural, and physical experiences wrapped into the Fireball Run series competition game. All with a special celebrity guest appearance by former Marvel Entertainment & Rock Hall of Fame President- Terry Stewart!

This is a game for do-er's, not talkers. Fireball Run means unprecedented access, personal treatment, historic opportunities, and truly rare experiences. 

Extreme sports has nothing on us. With Fireball Run it's not the destination, it's about what you get to do when (and "if") you get there. 

Although the 11-season Fireball Run TV series (Amazon) ended in 2018, its original show creator was courted back by EO Fort Worth Member and past Fireball Run show contestant, Lisa Hall (Se. 09-11), for a super rare experience on September 18 and 19.

The adventure takes place entirely within the Fort Wort & Dallas, Texas region. Participation is exclusive and limited to just 25 vehicle teams composed of 2-3 EO Members. Get exotic, go in style or drive in comfort... any personal or company vehicle is accepted in this epic adventure.