FIREBALL RUN: Transcontinental Rally

FIREBALL RUN: Transcontinental Rally

Sept 27 - Oct 6, 2007 Orlando, FL to Beverly Hills, CA

FIREBALL RUN began September 27th 2007 with 78 teams rolling from Orlando to Beverly Hills. The "no rules" inaugural event was organized as a proof in concept to test if a board game could be played, in real time, on the open road, using America as its game board. Many lessons were learned that year. First: the concept of "no rules" was replaced with "plenty of rules". Second: never, never, never place 78 cars on a game board- ever. Sadly, little video exists of the inaugural event, and so another lesson was learned; how to film a 3000 mile live production. Today FIREBALL RUN is limited to a safe 40 teams.

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Fireball Run Pilot
5:00 min

On September 27th, 2007, 78 teams rolled from Orlando to Beverly Hills. The original "no rules", adventure-game hit the open road, and America became the game board. This is the comprehensive television pilot to The Fireball Run Adventurally Series.