4 International Astronauts vs 4 Celebrities vs 40 rally teams
Adventuring to: Queen Anne's County, MD, Williamsburg, VA, Topsail Island, NC, Florence, SC, Liberty County, GA, Sanford, FL

The 1950s officially started the space race, but its 2015 and a new race for space readies for lift off. Sept 25th - Oct 3rd 2015. Beginning in Hartford, CT., then adventuring to Queen Anne's, MD., Williamsburg, VA., Topsail Island, NC., Florence, SC., Liberty County, GA., and finishing 8 days later to a massive city-wide parade finish in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This season features 4 Astronauts from 4 nations vs the 40 multinational driving teams.

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Episode 1: Welcome to Hartford 5:00 min

Episode 1: "Welcome to Hartford"
5:00 min

The legendary adventure begins as driving teams converge in the insurance capital of the world, Hartford, Connecticut. Here, they'll experience the history of Aunt Jemima, Mark Twain, and the Amistad Trials.

Episode 2: Beam Me Up 5:00 min

Episode 2: "Beam Me Up"
5:00 min

The game has barely begun and teams are already getting dramatic. Hartford still has it as the quest hones in on a classic Star Trek actor and Governor's bowl, all before the epic green flag that sends contestants on their wacky way to historic New Castle, Delaware.

Episode 3: Nose to the Grindstone 5:00 min

Episode 3: "Nose to the Grindstone"
5:00 min

On route to Queen Anne's County, Maryland, some teams lose their head searching for William Penn, others are on the lookout for a historic law book, everyone's hot for preacher, a few stick noses where they belong, and then things go wild at a welding challenge. Nerves break down as cars break down.

Episode 4: A Real Hoot 5:00 min

Episode 4: "A Real Hoot"
5:00 min

Luck be a lady named Queen Anne, shots get fired at Pin Tail Point, charity bear happens, and just who will dare eat the chocolate covered mouse? Finally, teams are shucked in a very messy, sea-worthy challenge in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

Episode 5: Breakdown 5:00 min

Episode 5: "Breakdown"
5:00 min

Welcome to the tiny historic town of Stevensville, Maryland, home to several historic buildings, a notable US president, and a cute chapel where one unlikely team will tie the knot. For some contestants, Queen Anne's County, Maryland has a happy ending. For others, it will be a highway to hell.

Episode 6: Nevermore 5:00 min

Episode 6: "Nevermore"
5:00 min

More drama on route to Williamsburg, Virginia: a fork in the road has half the Fireballers headed into an emotionally charged series of moments at a Holocaust museum, and the rest sincerely depressed at the eerily unusual Edgar Alan Poe museum.

Episode 7: Smell of Victory 5:00 min

Episode 7: "Smell of Victory"
5:00 min

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em’” in Port Tobacco, Maryland. Here, teams get rifled at a presidential assassin point of interest. Upon entering Williamsburg, Virginia, drivers smell victory at Yankee Candle Village, hear history at a hidden music museum, and locate a few obscure roadside attractions.

Episode 8: Into the Busch 5:00 min

Episode 8: "Into the Busch"
5:00 min

Still in Williamsburg, teams find themselves at Busch Gardens for an array of unique challenges. Tensions are at an all-time high at the Jamestown Settlement. Will it be a bad day for all, or will some ship out of this episode unscathed?

Episode 9: Revolutionary War II 5:00 min

Episode 9: "Revolutionary War II"
5:00 min

Aim, ready, fire! Today’s adventure leads to a colonial mission of mayhem as the Fireballers learn to fire muskets. However, muskets aren’t the only thing firing off as personalities collide before the day’s end. Finally, it’s time to roll into island time in Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

Episode 10: Blunderball 5:00 min

Episode 10: "Blunderball"
5:00 min

Some Fireballers drive into Fort Eustis Army post for several historic helicopters and a chance to touch a James Bond jet pack. Others journey to the Virginia Living Museum to paint works of art using live snakes and diving deep into a massive aquarium tank.

Episode 11: Giant Leap for Fireball Run 5:00 min

Episode 11: "Giant Leap for Fireball Run"
5:00 min

Emotions run high at the Virginia Air and Space Museum. Drivers run amok searching for the Muffler Man and everyone adventures to New Bern, North Carolina for a Pepsi Challenge and an encounter at a heavenly historic church. Not to mention some scurvy pirates, looking to plunder the teams.

Episode 12: Out of your shell 5:00 min

Episode 12: "Out of your shell"
5:00 min

The competition heats up as the Fireballers arrive to help save an endangered hard shelled species. Then, it’s missiles and more, a hang ten mission, ocean yoga lessons, and a bit of charity all before a warm Topsail Beach finish.

Episode 13: Conspiracy 5:00 min

Episode 13: "Conspiracy"
5:00 min

Let the games begin again! This episode is filled with attitude and epic errors. Teams go crazy as they search for an array of roadside America attractions, locate some history, go head-to-head on a vintage speedway, and dine on something called “chicken bog” in Dillon, SC.

Episode 14: Life's A Real Drag 5:00 min

Episode 14: "Life's A Real Drag"
5:00 min

Welcome to Florence, South Carolina. In this episode, some Fireballers will get in touch with their feminine side at the legendary Darlington Dragway, others join the force for a precision police challenge, and finally, a few charity driven teams get pounded at a quirky farmers market.

Episode 15: The Power of Dreams 5:00 min

Episode 15: "The Power of Dreams"
5:00 min

It can’t get more technical than a series of VR and 3D assembly challenges. In another part of Florence, South Carolina, drivers help assemble an ATV at the Honda manufacturing plant. Everyone feels the rockets’ red glare and reality hits home when one team happens upon a tear jerking moment.

Episode 16: Bombs Away 5:00 min

Episode 16: "Bombs Away"
5:00 min

This episode begins with a miracle at the Hudson, followed by an encounter with the FBI’s most wanted. Hilarity ensues as teams go on-stage for a talent show contest, then it’s off to hold a nuclear missile fragment, another charity mission, and one team finally losses it at the Florence finale.

Episode 17: Let's Get Nuts 5:00 min

Episode 17: "Let's Get Nuts"
5:00 min

A hurricane sends one driver racing back home, drivers get the green flag to Walterboro, South Carolina, part of the game takes place at a famous peanut patch, a space mission sends some to a fallen space hero memorial, and more fighting more drama- ugh.

Episode 18: Shine On Fireballers 5:00 min

Episode 18: "Shine On Fireballers"
5:00 min

Welcome to Walterboro, South Carolina! Home of an array of antiques, charming southern belles, great moonshine, lots of history, and a whole lotta’ southern hospitality. Next, it’s off to Liberty County, Georgia for some Union and Confederate history.

Episode 19: Guns N' Fireballers 5:00 min

Episode 19: "Guns N' Fireballers"
5:00 min

Liberty County, Georgia has the Fireballers on a mad mad mad scramble to locate the Midway Museum, emotionally engage the history of Dr. Martin Luther King, and hold Saddam Hussein’s infamous gun collection.

Episode 20: Phoning It In 5:00 min

Episode 20: "Phoning It In"
5:00 min

In this smokin' episode of Fireball Run Space Race, contestants journey to a historic Christmas tree farm and journey to a quirky telephone museum. Things go sideways as massive rains has Fireballers stuck in the mud, and one big BBQ truck pulls out all the stops to save the day.

Episode 21: Believe It, Or Not! 5:00 min

Episode 21: "Believe It, Or Not!"
5:00 min

Another green flag sends the Fireballers to an unprecedented series of moments at Ripley’s Odditorium. Moon bibles, shrunken heads, baseball legendry, and a once-in-a-lifetime historic encounter with a presidential assassin’s weapon… Believe It, Or Not!

Episode 22: Mellow Out 5:00 min

Episode 22: "Mellow Out"
5:00 min

Teams rally onward for a wild beast adventure in Seminole County Florida, followed by a zip line challenge, a marshmallow making competition, spring water canoeing, and island paddle boarding. This episode will have you moving your next Orlando adventure just 20 minutes east to Seminole County.

Episode 23: Cry Babies 5:00 min

Episode 23: "Cry Babies"
5:00 min

Meet Joel, the alligator master. Him and his team of pros are sending the contestants into the heart of the world’s most alligator infested waters, followed by a little jump-jump-jumping around, a multicultura baby adoption, smoking a 3000 year old piece pipe.

Episode 24: I've Done Questionable Things 5:00 min

Episode 24: "I've Done Questionable Things"
5:00 min

The final day of the Fireball Run races to the iconic Floridian Space Coast for some rock shrimping, blade running, and a hunt for Al Capone’s telephone. Get ready for hi-jinks and high rear action in this episode of Fireball Run Space Race.

Episode 25: Full Mettle Fireballers 5:00 min

Episode 25: "Full Mettle Fireballers"
5:00 min

A traffic jam hinders the Fireballers along their sprint to the space coast. Teams frantically search for an array of wacky coastal bonuses, have a gripping encounter with a miraculous war survivor, and scurry to find hidden gifts within the shops at Cocoa Beach Village.

Episode 26: An Out Of This World Finale 5:00 min

Episode 26: "An Out Of This World Finale"
5:00 min

The end is in sight and, after just a few final historic missions at Kennedy Space Center, the Fireballers race towards an tropical finale on Cocoa Beach. 2000 miles, 50 teams, and eight days, you may root for them all, but you’ll never guess who wins Fireball Run Space Race.