FIREBALL RUN: Southern Excursion

FIREBALL RUN: Southern Excursion

Sept 23 - Oct 1 Melbourne, FL. to Mississippi Coast
Mystery Destination 1, Peachtree City, GA., Mystery Destination 2, Knoxville, TN., Clarksville, TN., Anniston, AL.

Let the Battle for the South begin again. Starring Dayton 500 Winner Geoff Bodine and Space Shuttle Astronaut Winston Scott. Drivers start their epic journey in Florida's Space Coast and finish in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Along the way they'll locate J. C. Penny, stomp grapes, get soaked in Georgia, fry a chick, get lost in Knoxville, catch the last train to Clarksville, and then someone gets a police escort. Episode also features; Peachtree City GA.,& Anniston AL.

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Episode 1: Gettin' Ready 1 min

Episode 1: "Gettin' Ready"
1 min

With a year of planning, logistics, and careful attention by the production crew behind them, the only thing preventing FIREBALL RUN: Southern Excursion from rolling ahead is a set of misplaced van keys.

Episode 2: Major Challenge 5:00 min

Episode 2: "Major Challenge"
5:00 min

FIREBALL RUN finally registration begins, Astronaut Winston Scott challenges Daytona 500 Winner Geoff Bodine, Team Crystal brings a hospital kit, JJ goes mad, and it's Drivers vs the Police at the autocross.

Episode 3: All Systems Go! 5:00 min

Episode 3: "All Systems Go!"
5:00 min

Adrenaline is high for Green Flag Melbourne! Mission 1 begins with the Space Coast team getting lost "in" the space coast,Chevrolet is an epic disappointment at the Daytona Speedway, the Astor house proves to be hard to find, everyone sees the flying pig (not the Camaro).

Episode 4: High Times Down Low 5:00 min

Episode 4: "High Times Down Low"
5:00 min

Day 2 begins with another disappointing Chevrolet moment, Team Survey has the runs, everyone finds little Jesus and ladies of low country offer some southern comfort. Chicken is served at the Firefly Vodka winery- if they manage to catch it, and the Astronaut is a no show at the finish.

Episode 5: We Feel Good! 5:00 min

Episode 5: "We Feel Good!"
5:00 min

Day 5 begins at Robert Crews, North Charleston Mayor Summey is a perfect gentlemen, then teams search for the hardest working "Augusta" man in the show business. Does OnStar feel good? You bet they do with some inspiration from the soul sisters.

Episode 6: What Could Go Wrong? 5:00 min

Episode 6: "What Could Go Wrong?"
5:00 min

Peachtree City Mayor Haddix & Representative Ramsey lead the police escort and Daytona Winner Geoff Bodine to the Atlanta Speedway. Munchkins attack and drivers seek big breasts. Everyone gets Towed at the Towing Museum, and interstate to Knoxville shuts down.

Episode 7: Last Train to... 5:00 min

Episode 7: "Last Train to..."
5:00 min

The day starts at the World's Fair Park in Knoxville. A pawn is sacrificed at the National Chess Federation. Teams find the oldest General in America, hit the Corvette Museum, and then someone eats the charity food before getting to Clarksville.

Episode 8: Hail to the Chief 5:00 min

Episode 8: "Hail to the Chief"
5:00 min

Team in the leads day 7. Drivers rock on the chair in Franklin, TN., someone has been resetting GPS's to bicycle mode, Orlando Film Festival team loses it, the one millionth fire hydrant in America, then the police get involved.

Episode 9: Goodbye.. Farewell.. 5:00 min

Episode 9: "Goodbye.. Farewell.."
5:00 min

Another emotional journey ending but not before finding a Vulcan, roping steer, the State Capitol, Hank Williams, doing the YMCA, riding a $200 million yacht, and kissing a gator. Finish line Gulfport Mississippi.