FIREBALL RUN: Back to the Track

FIREBALL RUN: Back to the Track

Sept 26 - Oct 5 Baton Rouge, LA to Grand Rapids, MI

Sequels and always better and once is never enough. FIREBALL RUN returned to the track with miles of drama, an improved game, a whole lotta rules, hi jinx, and 120mph action from Baton Rouge to Grand Rapids. The transcontinental journey zig-zaged 50 teams from South to North, along the they visited some of the regions most iconic roadside attractions. Footage from this version was used to produce a direct to DVD documentary called "FIREBALL RUN: The Movie", available nationwide in Best Buy, Circuit City and WalMart. Limited copies of the DVD are still available for purchase through the online FIREBALL RUN Store.

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Fireball Run Pilot
5:00 min

On September 27th, 2007, 78 teams rolled from Orlando to Beverly Hills. The original "no rules", adventure-game hit the open road, and America became the game board. This is the comprehensive television pilot to The Fireball Run Adventurally Series.