FIREBALL RUN: America's Frontier

FIREBALL RUN: America's Frontier

Frisco, Texas to Independence, Missouri
Camden, AR, Ardmore, OK, Enid, OK, Bentonville, AR, Pulaski County, MO, Sedalia, MO

Premieres Dec 2015: Season 8 takes raw hide to new heights. Beginning in Frisco, Texas and finishing in Independence, Missouri, 40 driving teams compete in the Most Legendary Adventurally in America. Mayor vs Astronaut vs State Representative vs International Hot Rod Association vs Cow Girls? It will be dramatic, it will be hilarious, it will be epic, but most of all- it will be REAL. This ain't Reality TV. Watch it here or on Netflix, AmazonFireTV, Roku, Smart TV, iTunes, NEOTV and GooglePlay.

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Episode 1: "Fantastic Frisco"
5:00 min

The competition begins as competitors square off in the green flag city of Frisco, Texas. To win this the Fireballers must solve clues based on America's frontier.

Episode 2: "See you in Camden"
5:00 min

The epic adventure begins! On route to Camden Arkansas the problems begin with a serious tire blowout. Some teams hold a historic WWII relic, some get shocked, some locate a famous home, and a few get to start the 727 used in the movie Castaway.

Episode 3: "Wagon Train to Clarksville"
5:00 min

The Cow Girls blast off, those Trailblazers finally get that tire, team Enid goes gaga at a world famous pawn store, Adam jets to an infamous crash site, Frank and Sean feel the southern hospitality, the Chamber Chicks head home, and Pulaski Pride turns over a new leaf.

Episode 4: "More in Ardmore"
5:00 min

The adventure in Ardmore, OK begins with teams holding a first of its kind uniform, followed by a jump into an old electric car, catching cattle, rushing rodeo clowns, a horse feed challenge, some boot leggin', mixing drinks during prohibition, appraising antiques, all warm city-wide welcome.

Episode 5: "Epic Enid"
5:00 min

Its a wrap in Ardmore and the journey to Enid, OK begins. Here they will meet the largest longhorn in America, rope a stoned calf, assemble an oil rig, drive a forklift, get their nails did, go Geronimo, challenge an NBA player, meet an ol' timer named Watermelon. Wow and you thought you were busy.

Episode 6: "Great Land Run 2"
5:00 min

What does a nuclear rock, a wood fort, an astronaut, a giant light bright, Grammy winning legend Leona Mitchell, John Wilkes Booth, fourteen dollars, and a western film have in common? The first 15 minutes of this episode! Fireballers in Enid, Oklahoma for an adventure they will never forget.

Episode 7: "Holding History"
5:00 min

Change is in the air as teams find the J. M Davis gun museum to hold Bonnie Parker's gun & a Chinese cannon. On route to Bentonville, AR they jump on a Blue Whale, hold an 800 year old head pot, do some gardening, drag down a runway, touch Sam Walton's Metal of Freedom and a book from 1763!

Episode 8: "Generally Speaking"
5:00 min

Bentonville ends to a Chef challenge at the 21c Hotel. The next day begins with a big send off. Drivers encounter downpour on route to Simple Pleasures, a massive accident delays some and Generally most get to Fort Leonard Wood Army Post in Pulaski County, MO. Oh and there are lots of arguments.

Episode 9: "Rackem' Up"
5:00 min

Everyone's getting lost on route to a segregated church, a police chase challenge, archery, a shoot out, racking pumpkins, the massive 15 acre corn maze, a duck decoy race, and a haunted antique store. Welcome to a day in the life of Pulaski County, Missouri- Murica!

Episode 10: "Scenic Sedalia"
5:00 min

This episode begins with a big rig competition and civil war flag moment. Then its off to Jefferson City, MO to hold the Bonnie Parker & Jessie James guns, meet Thomas Jefferson and get slammed at a State Penitentiary. In Sedalia, MO teams visit Neet Archery, Caty Depot and get behind the 8 ball.

Episode 11: "Shine On"
5:00 min

Sedalia proves to be a unique place with challenges ranging from mule jumping, indoor hunting, chicken chasing, and orchestra playing. Meanwhile other teams are trying to find a daum museum, touch some confederate cash, locate the Titanic, and make it through a haunted theater.

Episode 12: "Hair We Are"
5:00 min

The road rage continues with a high judge judging and some fast kart karting. Then its off to the epic grand finale in Independence, MO but not before locating the home of sliced bread, taking part in a murder mystery and freaking out at an interesting hair museum.

Episode 13: "Epic Finale"
5:00 min

The teams are under pressure completing the final missions of the day. A hot lap at a safety institute, an old train depot, identifying furs at a museum, and a truly once ever epic moment at the Harry S. Truman Library. Then it's off to the finish and epic finale. But who won?

(Se 8) Teaser 1
01:08 min

Here's a sneak peak into season 8 FIREBALL RUN America's Frontier... have a sick bag handy. The show kicks off from Frisco Texas and finishes to a legendary city wide parade finish in Independence, Missouri.

(Se 8) Teaser 2 "Pole Position"
01:28 min

FIREBALL RUN mission challenge at Pole Position Indoor Raceway in Frisco, Texas. Rally Teams compete bumper on an indoor track. Episode features Team George Nunnally.