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Season 11 "Fireball Run Big Country". Filming September 23 – 30, 2017 for locations within an between Eau Claire WI, Rochester MN, Dubuque IA, Burlington IA, Fort Dodge IA, Yankton SD, Pierre SD, and Rapid City SD.

Distributed by Amazon Networks, Fireball Run is a 26-episode adventure series that educates and exposes audiences to an array of exciting subjects, while also inspiring the exploration of under-discovered America.

The Fireball Run is Amazing Race, Dirty Jobs, How It's Made, and your favorite travel and history show combined. This is the real story of driving teams as they compete in a legendary life-sized trivia game. To win, they take the road less traveled in an epic quest to re-discover America, searching for unique places, obscure historic artifacts, and extraordinary experiences.

Brands, products, services, and locations are seamlessly integrated into the series. Our brand integrated segments doesn't pitch to audience, it draws them with meaningful and memorable content so they can sell themselves.

The series successfully delivers by organically introducing brands through its unique history, products or services.

Not Reality TV, Fireball Run's genre is Factual Entertainment. Every on screen moment is authentic. Audiences love the show because they believe it. Fireball Run is the only episodic series produced in real-time, with all 26 episodes filmed live in front of media and spectators within 9-days.


• Effectively tell your story, integrate locations or products.
• Your company positioned as the industry expert and market leader.
• Validation and credibility. You didn’t brag about you, we did.
• Connect with and educate consumers in a memorable way.
• Thanks to streaming television, this exposure is unscalable.

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