While Bloomfield herself is a quiet town on most nights, spring begins a new season of festivals and outdoor activities. We have a beautiful Riverwalk on the San Juan River. Snow melt from the Rockies brings out the inner-tubes and coolers for refreshing fun on the river. Once you hear the buzz and faint chirp of a hummingbird, you know summer is just around the corner. The warm summer nights typically begin with the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen, the swallows some out of their nests for their daily consumption of mosquito’s, while the high powered lights illuminate the late night baseball games. Gardening could actually be considered a sport in our little town. We also have bragging rights on what we believe to be the most beautiful Aquatic Center in the Four Corners, complete with two huge water slides. Harvest time in the desert brings a Thursday Community Market in one of our many beautiful city parks. Winter serves up the roar of the proverbial crowd at Friday night football, as well as snow ski season. There are two full scale ski areas just a few hours north of Bloomfield.

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