10th Anniversary Competitors

#73 - I-Team <span class=smaller>(Lincoln Navigator)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/15.jpg title=Navy height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/23.png title=ASTRONAUT height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/25.jpg title=Brazil height=24 alt=/> </span>

#73 - I-Team
(Lincoln Navigator)

1129 Pop. VotesDave, Jeff, Astronaut Marcos Pontes
David Prescott, CEO/CTO, Jeff DeWeese, COO, and Astronaut, Marcos Pontes, Brand Ambassador, at Integra Optics, a global fiber optic components provider, are super excited to be competing in the 2016 Fireball Run! This will be Integra Optics’ fourth consecutive year participating in the race, and the company is proud to partake in an outstanding event that raises awareness of missing children. With their fiery competitive spirits and drive to win, Dave, Jeff and Marcos will be a force to reckon with in this adventure! Integra Optics is ready! Are you?

#02 - Big Country <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#02 - Big Country
( )

702 Pop. VotesElaine & Meredith
Elaine is the Marketing Executive for the Eau Claire Creative Arts Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Elaine has her husband and family support as she begins her first adventure with FireBall Run. Meredith is the owner of Lee Real Estate in Pierre South Dakota. Both Eau Claire WI and Pierre SD are destination cities for the 2017 Big Country season. Follow their adventures with #FireBallRunEC

#10 - Country Rhodes  <span class=smaller>(Dodge  Challenger RT Classic)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#10 - Country Rhodes
(Dodge Challenger RT Classic)

380 Pop. VotesJeff & Liz
Team Country Rhodes was surprised and flattered to be asked to represent Cumberland and Allegany County, Maryland in the RACE TO RECOVER AMERICA'S MISSING CHILDREN. No task, no responsibility and even no job could be more important than protecting America's children and finding those children who are missing. Team Country Rhodes is in fact a real team, husband and wife, Jeff and Liz Rhodes will walk away from their daily lives as a City Administrator and a CEO Real Estate Broker to join the RACE TO RECOVER AMERICA'S MISSING CHILDREN. Team Country Rhodes will give their all while traveling 10 days and 3,000 miles to enter and compete in THE MOST EPIC ADVENTURALLY IN AMERICA !

#77 - The Lost Dutchmen <span class=smaller>(Chevrolet  Traverse)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#77 - The Lost Dutchmen
(Chevrolet Traverse)

302 Pop. VotesMarshall & Chris
Both Chris and Marshall pride themselves in being born and raised in Central Pa and honor the hardworking environments they grew up in. As much as they enjoy the surroundings of home, they also appreciate the experience and adventure of travel. We look forward to representing our home of the Lebanon Valley as we travel and experience the history and adventure the North East has to offer.

#88 - Starr Hill  <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/1.jpg title=Airforce height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#88 - Starr Hill
( )

143 Pop. VotesKenn & Ken
TEAM #88 Kenn & Ken Sr. have been in the Financial Service business for many years and has transitioned from funds to fun! The wine industry in PA is the 5th largest producer of grapes in the US and the 7th largest wine producer.

#100 - Queen of Versailles <span class=smaller>( Ambulance)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/5.jpg title=Celebrity height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#100 - Queen of Versailles
( Ambulance)

132 Pop. VotesJacqueline Siegel, Ryan, Robin, Brian O’Halloran
Jackie Siegel, “The Queen of Versailles” is the loving mother of 8, and married to the founder/CEO of Westgate Resorts, David Siegel. She and her billionaire husband are constructing the largest home (over 90,000 sq. ft.) in America. Brian O'Halloran, know as "Dante Hicks" from "Clerks", has over 20 years in film, also was in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob strike back and most recently Kevin Smith's TV show Comic Book Men on AMC. Robin Wright, "Mrs. Orlando", Business Development for The St. Cloud Greater Osceola Chamber of Commerce. Ryan Nolen, has a Real Estate legacy that spans 4 generations in Central Florida. He is the Founder/CEO of VerticalLending.

#23 - Team Cellardweller <span class=smaller>(Ram  3500 Laramie Limited)</span>  

#23 - Team Cellardweller
(Ram 3500 Laramie Limited)

123 Pop. VotesKevin & Todd
Team Cellardweller! Todd and I are both entrepreneurs in the basement waterproofing and finishing industry. Todd owns Dryzone Basement Systems in Boston and I own Adirondack Basement Systems in Halfmoon, NY. We both are looking forward to this epic adventure!

#15 - Team Timecar <span class=smaller>(DeLorean  TimeMachine)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/18.jpg title=Police height=24 alt=/> </span>

#15 - Team Timecar
(DeLorean TimeMachine)

97 Pop. VotesDoc & Reba
TEAM TIMECAR - TEAM #15 is Doc and Reba Nigh. (2008-2016) and 2016 FBR Sponsors. Doc is the CEO of NC Enterprises, LLC dba; Custom Pins and Buckles. Reba is the CFO. We are California's largest supplier of Personalized Buckles, Coins, Lapel Pins, and much more to the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation along with all Law, Fire, Military, Private, and Cooperate Departments and Agencies. We are also a Sponsor to the 2016 Fireball Run and will be supplying the teams with their Car Medallions and Challenge Coins. Fireballers will also be receiving a Lapel Pin from Amesbury this year we manufactured. Doc is a retired Sheriff and Reba is an active Realtor for over 20 years.

#30 - Wanderers <span class=smaller>(Jeep sahara)</span>  

#30 - Wanderers
(Jeep sahara)

96 Pop. VotesMollie & Pat
Pat and Mollie met at a truck stop on June 19th, 2015, they began to wander the country together ... Not being ones to wonder what was down a road by looking at one end of it, they seek to travel those roads.

#81 - Team Bronco <span class=smaller>(Toyota  FJ Cruiser)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/27.jpg title=Norway height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/29.jpg title=Sweden height=24 alt=/> </span>

#81 - Team Bronco
(Toyota FJ Cruiser)

92 Pop. VotesRichard & Bibi
As The Fireball Run 2015 Spirit of Adventure Award Winner and with a Contagious Live Like You Mean It Attitude, Team Bronco 81 is thrilled to return for another #epic and #legendary Adventurally all while Raising Awareness for Missing Children in America. Richard : Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, born in Sweden. Bibi : High Performance Coach & Make-a-Differencer, born in Norway Voluntary & Charity work and making a difference is in their blood and both Richard & Bibi generously lend their talents and treasures to various non-profit 501(c)3 Foundations . They live in Sarasota, Florida and are proud parents of five young adults.

#25 - Putnam <span class=smaller>(Shelby GT500)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#25 - Putnam
(Shelby GT500)

81 Pop. VotesSean & Johny
Follow along with Johnny from Villa Barone Hilltop Manor and Sean from Well Dunn Maintenance & Contracting as they represent Putnam County on this epic 2,000 mile journey. The guys will be piloting a supercharged Shelby GT500 and are looking to have a ton of fun along the way! Villa Barone Hilltop Manor is one of Putnam County's most exclusive wedding and banquet destinations. Located in Mahopac and spanning thousands of square feet, Villa Barone is an unreal venue that can accommodate up to 500 guests! Are you looking to renovate? Do you want something built brand new? Well Dunn Maintenance & Contracting is your one stop shop for renovations and property work!

#19 - Carriagetown Cruisers <span class=smaller>(Chevrolet  SS )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/8.jpg title=Elected City height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#19 - Carriagetown Cruisers
(Chevrolet SS )

76 Pop. VotesMayor Gray & Charlie
Everyone knows that bankers and politicians get along. Charlie and Mayor Ken Gray met during Ken's 2013 campaign and have been in cahoots ever since. With a background in engineering Ken is already busy analyzing this project and keeping retired bank executive, Charlie, on task. Their strategies will be put to the test during this year's FIREBALL RUN. But, Mayor Ken Gray has successfully led Amesbury for the last 3 years, and he plans to successfully lead you into the community at the front of America's Race for Missing Children. Representing one of the oldest towns in America, your 2016 Finish Line destination presents to you, the Carriagetown Cruisers.

#66 - Team Morrissey <span class=smaller>(Dodge Vipper)</span>  

#66 - Team Morrissey
(Dodge Vipper)

74 Pop. VotesThomas & David
Tom and Dave have been lifelong friends who have enjoyed riding motorcycle together for years. They have both grown up in the central PA region, and still reside there today. both hard workers, they look forward to getting out on the open road and enjoying the travels while spreading the word for a great cause.

#18 - Team Ohio <span class=smaller>(Toyota Sienna )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/9.jpg title=Elected State height=24 alt=/> </span>

#18 - Team Ohio
(Toyota Sienna )

71 Pop. VotesRep. Anielski, Sandy, Lynda
Fireballer State Rep. Marlene Anielski is an elected member of the Ohio House of Representatives, since 2011. Marlene is participating in her fourth Fireball Run. Lynda Bowers is a five-term Township Trustee in Medina County. Ohio who also serves on the Ohio Township Association Board of Directors. Sandra Sparber is an advisor in Key Private Bank Wealth Management, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Reuniting children with their families is our goal. We also want to bring awareness of educating others about youth suicide prevention for the protection of our most precious gifts, our children.

#17 - Celebration  <span class=smaller>(Audi A8L)</span>  

#17 - Celebration
(Audi A8L)

61 Pop. VotesKelly & Alex
First time Fireballer Kelly McCarthy owns and operates several businesses all based in Celebration, Florida. Kelly will be racing with her stepson, Alex Cohen who is a car enthusiast & adventure seeker (and just a really fun and wonderful person). Kelly has spent her career financing, starting and building companies. Kelly has always been involved in charities and has a special interest in children’s charities. Her goal is to raise awareness for childhood cancer and to garner support for The Rypien Foundation. Kelly loves travel, meeting new people and having new experiences! Team won their spot in an auction at the Celebration Exotic Car Festival.

#22 - Team Trump <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/3.jpg title=Army height=24 alt=/> </span>

#22 - Team Trump
( )

61 Pop. VotesAaron, Brett, Brent
"Team Trump is making America Great again one city at a time, & more importantly one missing child at a time. Our driver Aaron Hope is best known for his exceptional business practices owning & operating AMH Construction in Orlando Florida. Mr. Hope & his immense generosity & the diverse impact he makes globally through his organization, The Hope Foundation. From empowering handicapped children, to educating the public about sustainable building practices. Team Trump’s co-pilot is Brett Schulman. Mr. High-Energy from BrettTV , Safe-Texting Campaign & the voice of The World-Championship Offshore Race Team-The AMH INSTIGATOR. Please Be sure to Vote # 22 for this power duo !

#09 - Dynamite Danish  <span class=smaller>(Chevrolet  Corvette Z06)</span>  

#09 - Dynamite Danish
(Chevrolet Corvette Z06)

59 Pop. VotesHenry & Laura
Laura Harms is a dedicated mother of three great high school kids, Realtor, Investor, Volleyball coach and player. Henry Danish is enthusiastic father of two kids in college and pioneer of online software for the hospitality industry. Together, Laura and Henry are part owners of an Orlando restaurant group, own real estate in Orlando, and are co-owners of a hotel in the Midwest. Laura and Henry are proud to be involved in the effort to find missing children.

#08 - Team Texas <span class=smaller>(Dodge Charger)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/3.jpg title=Army height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/8.jpg title=Elected City height=24 alt=/> </span>

#08 - Team Texas
(Dodge Charger)

58 Pop. VotesJohn & Van
John Keating is the former Mayor Pro Tem of Frisco, Texas, the starting line city for Season 8 "America's Frontier." He served in the US Army for 13 years as a Senior Counterintelligence Agent, and deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. John has lived in Frisco since 1999 with his wife Leslie and their two sons, Zach and Ryan. He was elected to the Frisco City Council in 2010, served two terms and ran for Texas State Rep in 2016. He is currently running for State Senate. This is Van's first year in Fireball Run.

#05 - Hope and Glory  <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/39.jpg title=Britian height=24 alt=/> </span>

#05 - Hope and Glory
( )

43 Pop. VotesSteve & John
John and Steve are a British father and son team who moved to Sarasota Florida in the 90’s to construct beautiful custom estate homes on the waterfront through their company, Murray Homes. Avid sailors, racers and adventurers, John and Steve have a racecar team and compete regularly at Sebring, Daytona and Homestead. This is John and Steve's 2nd Fireball Run....last year John broke 3 ribs on day 1 but managed to complete the entire 2500 miles in spite of great pain and inconvenience. "I'm going to wrap him in bubble wrap this year.....and I'm not putting his socks on each day this time either" says Steve

#28 - The Angels <span class=smaller>(McLaren 675 LT)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/2.jpg title=Altruist height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/17.jpg title=Past Champion height=24 alt=/> </span>

#28 - The Angels
(McLaren 675 LT)

43 Pop. VotesAriane & Tracy
They were committed to helping the effort to recover missing children as soon as they met the Fireball Run executives five years ago. Ariane & Tracy hope that the time that they take from being with their own families to participate in FBR will help missing children be recovered world wide. They have made great friends & thoroughly enjoy the epic adventures Fireball Run presents. The child they represented in 2012 did return safely to her Father after being gone for several years. One never knows if their own efforts will actually bring the child home but it's certainly a step closer than if we had never attempted to help. Hug your children & say a prayer for these victims.

#33 - Moms on a Mission <span class=smaller>( Mom Mobile)</span>  

#33 - Moms on a Mission
( Mom Mobile)

38 Pop. VotesLisa, Ashley, Brandi
"Moms on a Mission" is a group of dear friends, co-workers, and women that work in the sports insurance industry to protect the safety of children every day while participating in camps, leagues, and special events in all 50 states. When Lisa Hall, President of Bene-Marc Sports Insurance, returned from the Fireball Run last year, she shared the vision of racing over 2,000 miles along the East Coast in search of missing and trafficked children with her staff. Immediately the Bene-Marc team asked how they could be involved in the recovery of missing children. At that moment it was decided that this year the Bene-Marc Team would be committed to supporting kids on and off the field.

#04 - Distinctly Dutchess <span class=smaller>(Ford Explorer)</span>  

#04 - Distinctly Dutchess
(Ford Explorer)

35 Pop. VotesRick
Rick Brownell is a third generation automotive dealer. A life-long Fishkill resident, he is President of the Beacon Chamber of Commerce. Rob Doyle’s been conducting storage auctions for 30 years. He was inducted into the National Auctioneers Hall of Fame in 2006, having served as the 50th president of the National Auctioneers Association. Nancy Brownell, Rick’s wife, will fill-in for Doyle for one leg of the race. The Distinctly Dutchess drivers mean business! Fast talking Auctioneer Rob and Ford tough car dealer Rick say, "If you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!"

#03 - Team Camden  <span class=smaller>(Chevrolet  Silverado)</span>  

#03 - Team Camden
(Chevrolet Silverado)

23 Pop. VotesDon & Thomas
Going into their third season with FBR, Don Banks and Thomas Bell are proud to be a part of The FireBall Run and such a great cause as raising awareness for missing children. Don is the owner of the World Famous Banks Pawn in Camden and Thomas Bell is a business consultant and the owner of Bell Communications in New Boston Texas and Cutting Edge Landscape Services in Camden. Along this journey Banks and Bell will also be working to promote the Great City of Camden Arkansas.

#21 - Team Allegany <span class=smaller>(GMC Denali)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#21 - Team Allegany
(GMC Denali)

19 Pop. VotesGretchen & Linda
Gretchen Hanchett, Exe. Dir. of the Allegany County Chamber & Office of Tourism Linda Hunt, Owner of Taxes Etc. Allegany County NY is known for its scenic countryside, offering endless venues for the nature lover and hunters. Allegany County is nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains and offers a wide variety of activities appealing to all visitors. We have a relaxed, unhurried way of life with a full menu of seasonal activities. Large and small game hunting, fishing, hiking, back-packing, skiing, birding, photography, canoeing and swimming can all be enjoyed in our wonderful outdoors.

#99 - Smokey & The Commish <span class=smaller>(Dodge Charger)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/18.jpg title=Police height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/24.png title=Elected County height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#99 - Smokey & The Commish
(Dodge Charger)

19 Pop. VotesSusan & Joe
Collin County Commissioner Susan Fletcher is a Texas native from Frisco, TX. Susan was elected in 2014, strongly supported by the law enforcement community. Susan represents approximately 250,000 citizens in the northwest sector of Collin County, she is a Master SCUBA Diver, gun enthusiast and an avid adventure traveler. Collin County Constable Joe Wright is a 5th generation Texan and has served in multiple law enforcement roles throughout his 30 year professional career. Joe was elected in 2012 and is passionate about honoring our fallen officers and the sacrifices they made. Joe lives in McKinney, TX and his precinct encompasses the city of Frisco, new HQ for the Dallas Cowboys.

#07 - Organic Racing <span class=smaller>(Ford  Excursion)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/1.jpg title=Airforce height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/17.jpg title=Past Champion height=24 alt=/> </span>

#07 - Organic Racing
(Ford Excursion)

17 Pop. VotesKevin, Doc Harmony, Theo
Organic Racing Low rider. This husband and wife team are former Fireballers who won in 2008. This team is high competitive. Kevin owns Organic Racing. Doc Harmony has a PhD. in Natural Health. She owns Harmony Cones.

#12 - Team Delorean <span class=smaller>(DeLorean  DMC-12)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/28.jpg title=Scientist height=24 alt=/> </span>

#12 - Team Delorean
(DeLorean DMC-12)

12 Pop. VotesRon & Marc
Seven time Fireballer, Ronald Ferguson is an avid car rally enthusiast, and genuine hands-on rocket scientist. Marc “Moose” Lavigne is another rocket scientist currently employed at NASA Kennedy Space Center as a launch vehicle systems engineer, and a former USAF Navigator. Both are automotive gearheads, intensely eager to drive their classic 1981 Delorean while increasing awareness of two missing children - Hazel Bracamontes and Carlos Pacheo.

#06 - Team Floh <span class=smaller>(Rolls Royce Silver Wraith)</span>  

#06 - Team Floh
(Rolls Royce Silver Wraith)

11 Pop. VotesJacques, Kelton, Kelton
Jacques Evans is the CEO and Founder of the FLOH Spirits, LLC the maker of FLOH Vodka. FLOH is Allergen Free, Gluten Free and Kosher Seal Certified Vodka set out to fulfill a niche in the Adult Beverage industry. FLOH uses its combination of superior taste, quality, and luxury to provide a world class experience in an effort to change the way people see vodka. Jacques' mother is on the board of directors at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The president Terry Stewart of the Rock Hall and former FireBaller endorsed Fireball Run. Kelton Crenshaw, a Lawyer from Cleveland, Ohio, is a serial entrepreneur behind companies such as Slang Marketing Group, LLC. - a premier Concierge Marketing Firm, Eight81 - a promotion company that specializes in Night Life Branding, and Tackma - a fashion brand focused on menswear.

#64 - Nun-Thing Wrong <span class=smaller>(Chevrolet  Corvette Stingray )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/15.jpg title=Navy height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#64 - Nun-Thing Wrong
(Chevrolet Corvette Stingray )

11 Pop. VotesCarrie Sue & Tammy
Carrie Sue, retired Air Traffic Controller & Author of "CQ, CQ," My Last Transmission, 2014 National Corvette Museum Florida State Captain. Carrie enjoys volunteering for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Driving Club's, & the Sports Car Club of America, as well as participating in the action earning 2011 SCCA Super Sports Ladies Solo Autocross Championship and the 2012 SCCA Regional P-1 Championship racing Corvette's. Annette is a Flight Attendant, Real Estate Agent, & also a Performance Driving Instructor. Proud to be a part of such a great cause as raising awareness for missing children. The girls kindly ask for your votes as they energetically race and support the Child Rescue Network.

#57 - Visit Salamanca <span class=smaller>(Audi R8)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> </span>

#57 - Visit Salamanca
(Audi R8)

10 Pop. VotesJohn & Skip
Returning for their 4rd year of FIREBALL RUN, John Sheehan, executive director of the Seneca Salamanca Chamber of Commerce and Ward “Skip” Wilday, senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, are the WINNERS of FBR because 2 of the 3 years they have found their missing child! Now that is EPIC! Sheehan and Wilday are representing Salamanca, NY, the only city in the US that lies entirely on a Native American territory providing unlimited economic development opportunities!

#68 - Scuderia Fowler  <span class=smaller>(Ferrari  458 Spider)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/3.jpg title=Army height=24 alt=/> </span>

#68 - Scuderia Fowler
(Ferrari 458 Spider)

6 Pop. VotesSkip & Sean
Skip and Sean Fowler are a father-son team competing from both coasts. Skip is an attorney who represents Central Florida cities, including last years finish line of Cocoa Beach, FL. Sean is an independent film producer and documentarian in Hollywood, Ca. His latest film "Psychopaths" is in post production now, and he will begin the next film shortly after Fireball 2016!

#85 - Raldex Florence  <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/14.jpg title=Marine height=24 alt=/> </span>

#85 - Raldex Florence
( )

6 Pop. VotesCorey & Roger
Meet TEAM RALDEX FLORENCE STRIKES BACK. Excited to be returning for Season 10, Corey Wallace and Roger Allen are both stellar galactic agents. Corey aspired to be an astronaut while Roger is an avid Star Wars fan. They are general managers at two Hampton Inn and Suites properties in Florence owned by Raldex Hospitality, an industry leader based in Florence, SC.

#69 - Howlyn Dogs <span class=smaller>(Cadillac CTS-V)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/31.jpg title=City-Leader height=24 alt=/> <img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/34.jpg title=Lifetime-Member height=24 alt=/> </span>

#69 - Howlyn Dogs
(Cadillac CTS-V)

3 Pop. VotesHoward, Davy, Lynde
The Howlyn Dogs consist of car owner and sponsor, HOWard LaFever,(the only veteran driver to have participated in all previous Fireball Runs) and LYNde LaFever, from Cazenovia, NY, where Howard is a successful environmental consulting engineer and leader for sustainable solutions for public works, and Lynde is the keeper of the animals and overseer of their Country Estate, Howlyn Acres, in the beautiful rolling hills of Central NY. Riding along with Howard is long time co-driver and friend, Davy Jones, a retired local politician from Lake Placid, in the Adirondack Mts. of New York State

#01 - Team Shaver <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/17.jpg title=Past Champion height=24 alt=/> </span>

#01 - Team Shaver
( )

1 Pop. VotesJim & Beth
The 2015 Overall Winner, This is Jim's 6th and Beth's 4th Fireball run. Each year they celebrate their anniversary during the Fireballrun, and cant wait to see where it will be this year. They are honored to be part of such a worthwhile organization and look forward to the Adventure each year. Don't forget to vote for TEAM 01.

#27 - Immediate Happiness <span class=smaller>(BMW  X3)</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/22.png title=Int'l India height=24 alt=/> </span>

#27 - Immediate Happiness
(BMW X3)

1 Pop. VotesAnil & William
Hi there. We are two foreign alien entrepreneurs (or just aliens) who align with being compassionate, humble and witty. We enjoy bringing laughter to others and ourselves and thinking and living in abundance. We intend to cause sun and sunshine to the people we meet and to the experiences we touch.

#16 - Team FireFly <span class=smaller>( )</span> <span class=badges-wrapper><img src=http://fireballrun.com//uploads/badges/13.jpg title=Germany height=24 alt=/> </span>

#16 - Team FireFly
( )

0 Pop. VotesAnna & Bengt
Bengt Niebuhr and Anna Nekoranec are proud to join the other Sarasota, FL teams and their fellow Space Racers to bring increased awareness to the issue of missing children in America. Bengt has spent the latest part of his career in private equity and is currently pursuing his passion for classic autos and racing. He will be captaining the team. Anna is currently the CEO of Align Private Capital and will be acting as navigator. In commemoration of the beginning of the Space Race in 1957, Bengt and Anna will be driving the "Black Beauty" (or Beast depending on where you are sitting!), cruising through the race in a 1957 Mercedes Adenauer.