Exponential Tourism Exposure

Our (8) primary destinations have been selected for 'Fireball Run Big Country'. Now we're searching for unique places in between. Your town and up to three of its attractions could be in the upcoming season.

Filming Between: September 22-30, 2017
Release: Summer, 2018
Network: Amazon
Genre: Factual Entertainment
Category: Adventure-Travel
Episodes: 26, 22-minutes each

Synopsis: Fireball Run® is an adventure-television series distributed by Amazon Networks. Drivers adventuring in a legendary competition across America in search of rare historic artifacts, under-discovered places, and extraordinary experiences. All for bragging rights, a greater cause, and a plastic road sign.

"Fireball Run is Amazing Race, Dirty Jobs, How It's Made,
and your favorite travel and history show combined!"

• The story of America as told through your history, attractions, and people.

• Fireball Run is a real life trivia pursuit game, with all trivia based on unique places, attractions, and towns.

• Show Contestants are business owners, key corporate executives, elected leaders, and celebrities.

• Fireball Run excites, educates, and inspires audiences to hit the open road and explore America.


• Your town featured in an Amazon series.
• Your community story told through its attractions.
• $157,000+ in production value alone.
• You deliver excitement, we deliver exposure.
• 15+ minutes of epic promotion on camera
(although us $10,500.00 for each minute)
• Domestic and international exposure.
• Increase tourism awareness.
• Increase on-line traffic.
• Use your segment for self-promotion.

Selection Criteria

• At least (3) unique points of interest, attractions, or museums.
• Unique cities and towns with rich history.
• Under-discovered travel places.
• Vibrant or revitalized downtown or centralized area.
• Communities full of passion and hometown pride.

Recruitment Requirements

• $5,500 honorarium (due only if selected).
• Craft service (lunch) for 150 cast and crew.
• Permits/closures (if any).

Submission Requirements

1. Fill out the submission form below.

2. Submit your top places, museums, or points of interest.
Include a 'single line' description + web link (if available).

3. Brief paragraph telling us why your town should be featured.

If your pitch peeks interest with segment producers, a brief Skype video call is scheduled to discover more about your destination. Selected destinations are notified by email and a call from a senior producer.

Live Production Schedule

Filming is 2-3 hours on the following dates:

• Places between Eau Claire, WI & Rochester, MN, Sun Sept 24, 2017
• Places between Rochester, MN & Dubuque, IA, Mon Sept 25, 2017
• Places between Dubuque, IA & Burlington, IA, Tue Sept 26, 2017
• Places between Burlington, IA & Ft. Dodge, IA Wed Sept 27, 2017
• Places between Ft. Dodge, IA & Vermillion, SD Thu Sept 28, 2017
• Places between Yankton, SD & Pierre, SD Fri Sept 29, 2017
• Places between Pierre, SD & Rapid City, SD Sat Sept 30, 2017

Remember, the honorarium does not apply- unless you've been selected.

Good Luck!

Amazon's Fireball Run Series

Contact Information


  1. Which are you: Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, City, State Agency

  2. What is the name of your organization? Also please provide a web site.

  3. List up to (5) of your best not for profit museums, attractions, or points of interest. Include a simple 1-2 sentence description of each and a link to their web site.

  4. Tell us a little about the downtown or centralized district you may want us to feature. Please keep your paragraph brief.

  5. Are any major companies headquartered in your area? If so, which ones?

  6. Does your tourism, chamber, and city work cooperatively? Or do they rarely interact?

  7. What is your community known for?

  8. Are there any notable persons living or deceased from your town? If so, whom?