Karin and Rachel are best of friends and share a love of fitness, fast cars and furry friends. Between the two, the SRQ girls from Sarasota, Florida own the following cars, 2017 911 Porsche, 2016 Tesla,1957 Corvette, 1967 Impala, 1946 Dodge W20 Pickup, 1948 Ford F1 Pickup to name a few. It's a unique team, Karin, an ex-professional dancer and business owner and Rachael, loving "mother" to a Great Dane, three English Sheepdogs and multiple real estate investments in several states, promise to deliver to Fireball Run with plenty of fun and entertainment. In addition to the above neither Karin nor Rachael have children of their own and are disturbed by the fact that a child goes missing every forty seconds in America (FBI data). We are privileged to lend our time and money to support whatever can be done on a local and national basis to find as many of these kids as we can.