Season 11 Fireball Run: Big Country

Sept 22 - 30, 2017
Eau Claire WI, Rochester MN, Dubuque IA, Burlington IA, Fort Dodge IA, Vermillion SD, Yankton SD, Pierre SD, Rapid City, SD

A show for adventurers, drivers, and knowledge seekers, Fireball Run is an authentically filmed series chronicling the endeavor and excitement of 40 aspirational driving teams leaving their lives behind in search of amazing places, unique attractions, and extraordinary people.

Throughout every competition day, these teams are provided several trivia clues called Missions, each one relating to a unique point of interest. If solved, it’s answer reveals a location they must get to. Upon arrival, teams are presented a rare opportunity, unique task or challenge activity. Every mission and experience introduces a new chapter in the overall story of a great and often under-discovered destination.

A bit gritty and at times unpolished, Fireball Run puts you in the action to explore, learn, and re-discover America in the ultimate road trip. The trophy is a plastic road sign, but the real prize is the journey.

If you love travel and you love history, you'll love Fireball Run. The most amazing thing about this race is every experience can be your own, real-life adventure.

Featured Destinations

Eau Claire WI

Eau Claire was established at the confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa rivers as three separate settlements, and quickly grew as a lumber town. Today, the Eau Claire area celebrates and preserves its history while thriving as a vibrant small city. Natural beauty can be found on our lakes, rivers, parks, and trails (including the Yellowstone Trail). Creativity and innovation run rampant, producing everything from Silver Spring Foods – the world’s largest grower and producer of horseradish - to Grammy Award-winning musician Bon Iver!

Dubuque IA

Situated at the Tri-States of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois on the mighty Mississippi River, Dubuque and its surrounding communities are an open playground not only for the young, but also the young at heart. Explore historical sites. Delight in nature’s bounty. Dream along the riverside. Indulge in breakfast at a country inn. Luxuriate in the services of a posh spa. Tour a winery, or window shop in the heart of downtown. Whatever it is you want to do while taking a break from the realities of life, Dubuque can take you there. (Photo: Bob Felderman)

Burlington IA

Get away from the ordinary and escape to Greater Burlington, IA. The mighty Mississippi River serves as a focal point for the community and provides not only breathtaking beauty, but also a myriad of recreational opportunities. History is everywhere around you with majestic homes in the historic districts, architecturally rich buildings in the downtown, and dramatic steepled churches abound. Greater Burlington is rich in history and full of exciting attractions such as the PZAZZ! Entertainment Complex, minor league baseball, and Starr's Cave Park. Known for Snake Alley, "The Crookedest Street in the World," Burlington delights all with many attractions, a lot of history, and a little magic.

Ft Dodge IA

Outdoor recreation abounds in Fort Dodge where Iowa’s largest off-highway vehicle park, Gypsum City, is located with of 55+ miles of trails, 2 state designated water trails flow 65 miles, 25 miles of connected multi-use paved trails, snowmobile trails, mountain bike trails, fishing lakes and ponds, aquatic center, sports complex and an equestrian park with 45 miles of multi-use trails. In addition, the arts strive in Fort Dodge with an art museum, 6+ community theatre groups, symphony performances, numerous vocal performance groups and an active DIY art studio. Other attractions include a frontier museum with 20+ buildings of collections, family-owned orchard, a winery and brewery.

Yankton-Vermillion SD

The original territorial capitol of the Dakotas, Yankton remains rich with history and culture. Locals may tell you where Jack McCall was buried after he was hanged in Yankton for the murder of Wild Bill Hickok. They’ll surely share their favorite fishing holes, or point you to a restaurant with the best walleye. Yanktonians are proud of their town, located on the wild Missouri and close to picturesque Lewis and Clark Lake. The lake area offers miles of bike trails, hiking trails with lake views, sailing, boating, skiing and fishing. Head downtown for coffee or a sandwich, and then walk the picturesque Meridian Bridge, the longest pedestrian bridge in the U.S. which connects two states.

Pierre SD

On the shores of the Missouri River, Pierre is a bustling community brimming with hometown hospitality. Spend your trip on the Missouri River, discover family friendly and interactive experiences or take a step back in time at South Dakota's history museums. It's all waiting for you on your vacation to South Dakota's adventure capital. Here, outdoor recreation is king. Whether you like to hunt and fish, spend time on the water or take a leisurely stroll along 52 miles of bike path, we've got you covered. History buffs love the South Dakota Cultural Heritage Center. After a full day, relax in our comfortable hotels and enjoy one of the best steaks you've ever had.

Rapid City SD

Rapid City is the ideal place to stay for easy access to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, a must-see vacation experience. Rising high above the treetops of the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore is a bucket list attraction that’s both meaningful and fun to explore. Mount Rushmore features the faces of four American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Nearly 3 million people visit Mount Rushmore each year, drawn to the awe -inspiring impact of the iconic American image that’s recognized around the world. Carving of this granite mountainside took 14 years to complete and cost $1 million, and lives on as a priceless Shrine to Democracy.

Rochester MN

Rochester, MN has consistently been voted one of the top cities to live in the U.S. and attracts people from all over the world. Visit Rochester, MN and you will experience the unique combination of world-class innovation, surrounded by natural beauty and hometown charm.